Thursday, December 29, 2016

While touching Cloud..
After buying a camera, i got intrested in travels. My house is in Pala. From our town while looking we can see a mountain at distance. From earlier we knows that mountain. The name of that mountain is Illikalkallu. My friend was also used to said about it that it was very hard to climb on it. The way to Illikalkallu is known as Narakapatha ( Way to hell). I had wished to go there n climb on mountain, because we were seeing it from our childhood.
One day we 4 went there, we thought that nobody would present there. While reaching at the top of hill we had found there lot of vehicles. After reaching top i felt that it was like an elephant face is covered by snow. I don't know why i felt like that, just because of its beauty i thinks. For a long time , i had looked at the there without taking eyes.Because of that wonder i had forgotten to take my camera from pocket...


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