Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baroda Waterfalls
Dear people, here i am introducing you about a waterfall which is located near from my native. We are5 having only 20 kms journey to reach there. But is not that much famous one. Karuvarakundu is a highed ranged place locating at Malappuram district. It is contained with hills, forests, lakes, streams,waterfalls,ponds etc. Better to calling it a nature village.

Karuvarakundu has another climatic features too.Most rainfalls are getting here in Kerala, just because of that this small village is also known as Chirapanji of Kerala. It got a small position in world map too just because of Keralamkundu waterfalls and Cherumb Eco Village. One of the another beautiful place too locating here. It is "BARODA WATERFALLS" as like beautiful like its name. The orgin of this waterfalls are from silent valley areas. Old people are saying that this water having the medicinal power because the water is flowing from origin through different medicinal plants of forest.

The journey to here is an adventures one. Off Road trekking are also available to those who intrested in it. There are lot of waterfalls are availble here.Yesterday we had seen 3 waterfalls.


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