Saturday, November 19, 2016

It is a story which is not much heard by others. Earlier the wild elephants came there for drinking water. One of these elephant lose its control ,fell in waterfall and it dies. At that time onward it is a place which people are not much arrived. So people call these place as aanayadikuth. This is known by us when we reached Thommankuth during the journey to Poonjira. There is no name board there. We traveled just by asking the people there.

These place is 2 km before Thommankuth. It is surrounded by huge rocks. Waterfall somewhere between the rocks was our aim. Even if we reached much distance ,we can see only the rocks. No sign of waterfall can be seen. We rest in the rocks for some time and started travelling. At last we reached the top of rocks. There we see the waterfall from the huge rocks, the houses built in rocks and the concrete bridge. We reached waterfall by asking the route from others. It is really a beautiful waterfall!! We can safely bath there. The people there arranged the facilities to reduce the flow of waterfall like a swimming pool. We can rest at the rock after bath.